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Why you never want to skip a First Look



Brides I get it. Maybe you want to be traditional and wait until the walk down the aisle for your groom to see you for the first time. That’s completely fine. This is YOUR wedding day and the final decision comes down to you two. BUT there are so many benefits to having a first look! Read on to find out why you never want to skip a first look.

Why you never want to skip a first look

1. You get more pictures

There is no way around this one. You will receive more images if you do a first look. That is because we do the first look before the ceremony and another 10 minute session after the ceremony, specially if you time it with the sunset. That means that you get in front of the camera two times, not just one. And by the second time, you are so into each other and not shy that you get those truly candid shots with that authentic emotion.

Why you never want to skip a first look

I mean, why would you skip out on images like these?!?

2. More time with each other

Don’t get me wrong, I love the getting ready part with the boys and the girls. But this day is about you two, not your friends. Having the first look means that you spend more time together instead of only being together after the ceremony.

Why you never want to skip a first look

Why you never want to skip a first look

3. Cocktail Hour

Guys, there is NO reason why you should be hanging out with your photographer instead of your family and friends during cocktail hour. You are missing out spending time with you favorite people because you have to take pictures. I would rather be drinking with my friends any day of the week! You get to spend more time with your guests and start doing your rounds.Why you never want to skip a first look

If you do not do a first look and would rather be at cocktail hour, that does show in pictures. Whereas during the first look, there is nothing going on so it’s easy to truly be present and not get FOMO.

4. That intimate moment

I can tell you right now I was a hot mess before I saw Gavin. I did not enjoy my day until we were together. You get that intimate time with just the two of you to take it all in. Your wedding day will FLY by and taking those 10 minutes alone to let it all settle and to really be present is so special. You also get more emotional images because you don’t have 1001 guests watching you. It’s just the two of you so it’s all laughter and happy tears. Some grooms get SO nervous when the guests are looking right at them that they just freeze. This is your time to shake it off and get ready to get married!

Why you never want to skip a first lookWhy you never want to skip a first look

5. Flexibility

During many of my weddings, there was rain after the ceremony and we would have gotten amazing portraits with no rain if we did a first look. The beauty of the first look is that your schedule is a little more flexible and you have those two different time slots for pictures. That means that if you have a rainy day you are bound to get that break.

Why you never want to skip a first lookWhy you never want to skip a first look

6. Get to the PARTY

After the first look, we do bride and groom portraits and wedding party pictures too. That means that you are freaking DONE with pictures by your ceremony. That is the BEST feeling in the world. You are free to enjoy you day instead of having to sit still for pictures. You get to start the party way earlier by going to your cocktail hour. WIN-WIN!

Why you never want to skip a first look

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Why you never want to skip a first look

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