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How to Choose Pictures for your Wedding Album



Dear brides,

So your photographer delivered all your images and now it’s time to finalized the wedding album. I get it. It’s OVERWHELMING. We usually send an album with pictures already picked out for the album but maybe you want to edit them. Where do you even start?

Read on to find out how to choose images for your wedding album. Find out what images you NEED!

How to Choose Pictures for your Wedding Album

#1 Mix it up

You do NOT want it to be repetitive. So that means only one of each type of picture. ONE family formal. ONE portrait at your favorite location. ONE picture of your cute niece. Because you can’t use 101 images, you want to be picky about the ones that you use. You should have a good mix of:

  • details (both getting ready like invitation suite and reception)
  • portraits
  • candids
  • family formals (limit this to 2!)
  • images that capture the energy or feel of your wedding day
How to Choose Pictures for your Wedding Album

#2 Tell the story

Your album needs to have a clear narrative. That means it has a beginning, middle, and end. Keep the amount of images for each part of the day balanced. One way to make it easier is think of a magazine layout. My goal is for my albums to also have the editorial feel. This IS NOT a collage. You do not want your images to be crowded while giving your images enough negative space. That is why I ask my brides to pick 30-35 images.

How to Choose Pictures for your Wedding Album

#3 This is YOUR album

Don’t forget that this is your first family heirloom. This album is not for your parents! These should be your favorite images so no need to be traditional and use 101 family formals. Be picky! Only use your favorite images!

Hope this helps you put your album together! If you are still planning your wedding, find out the 7 mistakes brides make.



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