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How Photographers can get Published in Blogs and Magazines



To all my photographers, do you wonder what it takes to get published? Or maybe you are tired of being rejected and hearing NOs from editors. Today I want to talk about the 3 common mistakes photographers make when submitting their work to blogs and magazines. Read on to find out how to get published.

Getting published is FREE marketing. You get big blogs and Instagram accounts with millions of followers to share your work with their audience at ZERO charge. And if you can get your wedding in print, that means prestige and setting yourself apart in a super saturated market  Read on to make sure you are not making these mistakes.

How to get published

#1 Not curating the gallery well

Editors do not want to see 1001 images. You should not be submitting the entire wedding, but only what editors are looking for. You need to showcase both the design and the storyline of the wedding day. Your gallery should have a clear narrative, with a beginning, middle, and end. Don’t just show the pretty little details and sunset portraits. Did the couple even go to their own reception? Yes, details are important but editors need to tell a story. They also need to inspire their readers, who are brides and groom planning their own weddings. If a detail has been done 101 times on Pinterest, you should not be focusing on that.

How to get published

#2 Your Write up is a HOT MESS

The write up is the pitch to the editor. This is your chance to tell them WHY they should pick your wedding over hundreds of others. It should be concise and organized. You should introduce the couple and share what sets their wedding apart. Was it the design? A new guest experience? Diversity? Color palette?

How to get published

#3 Show both landscape and portrait orientation

Ok, I am preaching to the choir here… Photographers, editors want to see both orientations: landscape AND portrait. Some of us, *COUGH COUGH* fine art photographers shoot mostly vertical and while some of us *COUGH COUGH* photojournalists shoot mostly landscape.  Can I get an amen?!?

They need to be able to use different crops. They also want to show images both up close and far away. So that means you should have images where you fill the frame with your subject and images where you have lots of negative space around that same subject.

how to get published

If you are ready to get your work in front of your ideal audience and get some FREE marketing, while setting yourself apart in this super saturated industry, check out my new course: How to get Published. This course is perfect for photographers looking to get their work published by wedding blogs and magazines. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, photographers should focus on getting published to increase in building trust and credibility with both vendors and prospective brides. 

You will learn:

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