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What to wear for your Engagement Session



Fall is here which means that engagement season is on! So read on for some good tips on what to wear for your engagement session.


Let your outfit reflect you as a couple. Do you like wearing red lipstick? Do it! Remember to focus on your best assets. So you have nice legs? Show them off (keep it classy). Do not wear anything too tight or too lose. I want you to have fun instead of being worried if your skirt is too short. Dress for your body type. Guys: please make sure your shirt or suit FITS well. Baggy clothes are not flattering at all.

what to wear to your engagement session


Bring out the heels and the bow tie! If that means you have to go shopping, well you just found an excuse. An elegant pair of heels can make your pictures much more glamorous. Maybe some Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins? And grooms, you can also be trendy. Don’t dress like you came from work—>boring!

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session

I love when my brides get super fancy and wear dresses! Bring out the cocktail dresses. Long flowy dresses always photograph well. They create movement and will add a little drama to your images. Do not forget the accessories! This can mean so many things. It means scarves in the fall and elegant necklaces in the spring. Have fun wearing some trendy jewelry. Don’t be scared to try something new. Just make sure that your overall vision is cohesive. This means that if you should stick to a consistent color palette. And do not forget a sexy pair of heels! They will add that final touch to your perfect outfit.

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session


What do you like to do together? Do you like to pop a little bubbly? Or hit a trendy bar? Love macarons? DO IT! Get a little creative! Just because everyone does one thing, that does not mean you have to do it too. We absolutely LOVED Michelle and Andrew’s choice of sunset on a sailboat. Be true to yourselves as a couple and the activities you REALLY do.

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session


This is twofold: first, make sure to dress appropriate for the weather and second, for your location. If you are doing an engagement session in the winter, you might not want to wear a cute little spring dress (and freeze your butt off!) The same goes for summer, when it is SUPER hot + humid. That probably means your hair should not be down since it will get frizzy pretty fast outside. If your session is in the middle of a field, bring flats just so you can walk easily. If there is a chance of rain, bring your Hunter boots and a cute umbrella. Embrace both the environment and the weather.

what to wear to your engagement session


This does NOT mean matching. Please- no white T-shirts and jeans. That might have been cool in the 90’s. For example, navy and peach are great together. But not so much navy and black. Feel free to get creative, but if both of you are wearing bold patterns, it will look a little too crazy. Make sure to also dress on the same scale. Ladies, if you are wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown, your guy should not be sporting flip flops and khakis. I would stay away from jeans for both bride and groom. This is your opportunity to get a little dressed up!

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session


I CANNOT stress this enough. Girls, going to Sephora or Nordstrom to get your make up done does NOT count. This is the perfect opportunity to have your trial with YOUR own make up artist for the wedding day. Professionally done makeup makes a huge difference in pictures. Contouring and a little bit of fake lashes go a long way. Consequently, you will get to see your professional makeup in the final gallery to make sure that you love it. There is no time for a re-do on your wedding day so do not skip this opportunity.

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session


Get creative, NOT cheesy! If it’s been done on Pinterest one thousand times, let it go. This is where you have to think as a stylist. Maybe get your planner involved too. A perfect example is a classy picnic in the woods with some strawberries and champagne. Maybe rent vintage scooters and have an Italian flare inspired engagement session. Or maybe rent a sail boat, put on a long dress, and have a relaxing time with your fiancé while your hair flies with the wind.

what to wear to your engagement session

A simple elegant bouquet that looks like it’s been fresh picked goes a LONG way. It just adds so much to your session. NO, this is not a bouquet you pick up at Giant before your session. This should be done by a florist, ideally your wedding day florist. Or you can pick up gorgeous florals at a wholesaler. Another idea is to get your calligrapher involved early. Maybe have your the calligrapher write a secret message from your groom that you can read at the session. Think outside the box.

what to wear to your engagement session


Be realistic. We love to pin photos of couples on a boat like “The Notebook” or a couple having fun on a moped in Italy. Unless you plan on actually doing it, you should not expect your pictures to look like that. As much as I LOVE Pinterest, it can be quite overwhelming with the amount of ideas. I love Pinterest for inspiration, but don’t ask your photographer to follow the poses you pinned. If you expect your photographer to follow your pinterest board, you just killed her creative direction. Personally, if I am following a board, I am totally missing out on REAL moments between you and your babe. You hired a professional photographer for a reason. Trust her!

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session


If you know me, you know how much I love my dog Oodles. It’s always a good idea to have you dog be part of your shoot. The only advice I have on this is to have either part of the session close to home or have someone pick your pup up since they do not need to be part of the whole shoot. They will get in our way eventually. It’s just a little too long for them and they do start acting up after a while.

what to wear to your engagement session


If you follow my Instagram account, you know I LOVE to take ring shots. It is so important to me to get shots of your rock! It is such an important symbol and we know that your fiancé spent months picking it out. Kudos to all my grooms who have amazing taste!

what to wear to your engagement sessionwhat to wear to your engagement session

HEY—> Don’t forget to get your nails done! Reds, pinks, and neutrals are perfect colors to compliment that rock on your finger.


Don’t be worried about how you look, that’s what we are here for. Enjoy this time with your lovey and let me capture those sweet moments! Get ready for lots of flirting in front of the camera. Treat this evening like a date night out, only your photographer is the third wheel. Get comfortable in front of the camera. This is your opportunity to get to know your photographer so they are not a complete stranger on the wedding day.

what to wear to your engagement session

And last but not least, check out some GORGEOUS outfit ideas on my Pinterest Board for more outfit inspirations. Brides, if you are planning a spring wedding, check out the blog for the 7 MISTAKES bride make when planning their wedding.


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  1. bekah says:

    Such great ideas and advice Liz!! I especially loved your notes about Pinterest, it’s such a trap sometimes and the best photos are the ones that show the couple’s relationship and love not something they’re mimicking. Great post 🙂

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    i love your blog Liz! 🙂 ~ you have such great advice and ideas ~ thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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    Love this and am sharing!!!