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How To Shoot Details on the Wedding Day



Dear brides + photographers,

We all know that detail images are super important. Brides, these details tell the story of your wedding day. You spent so much time making sure everything is absolutely perfect and picked the best details out. Photographers, it is super important to photograph all these details so we can serve our clients well. Imagine if your bride’s inspiration came from the lace on her veil and she gets zero pictures of it. NOT OK! Read on to find 3 quick tips on how to shoot details.

#1 Find the right light 

We love to shoot with natural light. And we use a reflector to fill in for shadows on the opposite side. We also communicate well with our brides with our welcome guide, which is available in our shop, to let her know to have all the details ready for us when we arrive. You don’t want to play scavenger hunt looking for details around the room or bug your bride while she gets ready. Brides, make sure to  have all you details ready and together for your photographer.

how to shoot details

#2 Create a Flatlay

A flatlay is when you style items together on a flat surface to portray the overall design and vision of the wedding. Putting together a strong flatlay is not easy and takes lots of practice. We have created a course that walks you through how to style a flatlay in 5 easy steps! We also share with you the 3 fail safe ways to style the invitation suite.

how to shoot details how to shoot details

#3 Bring a Styling Kit

Imagine walking into the suite with the most gorgeous details and having old red carpet to photograph on. NOOOO! *Insert screaming emoji* This is why we are ready with our styling kit and styling boards. In our course, we share exactly what you need in your styling to shoot details how to shoot details

Are you ready to take your detail shots to the next level? 

We are beyond excited to have something just for you! Our course will teach you:

  • the 7 rules for a strong flatlay
  • how to attract brides that LOVE details
  • get my signature ring shot without spending $$$ on a macro
  • if you have ONE detail, you can still get multiple images.
  • what every photographer needs in their styling kit

how to shoot details

Calligraphy by Julie Ha

Planning by Cristina Calvert

Ring by Susie Saltzman



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