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3 Reasons why you should not skip on your wedding album



3 Reasons not to skip on your wedding album

As photographers, we create pieces of art that capture so many timeless moments of your wedding day. As much as we love delivering the final gallery, our goal is for you to really get your images printed out. Read below to find out why you should not skip out on ordering a wedding album with your photographer.

#1 This is your first heirloom

Your wedding album is your first heirloom as husband and wife. I bet you remember how fond you were looking through your parent’s wedding album. I sure do! It was so sweet to see mom and dad looking so young! It is so special to have something tangible with memories of your first day as husband and wife. You can show these very memories to your children or to family and friends.

3 Reasons not to skip on your wedding album

#2 Don’t let your images exist just on your computer

You probably received hundreds of images of your wedding day, but I am sure you have your favorites. You will not be opening your files everyday to check them out. Images are not created to live on as JPEGS on your hard drive, but to be looked at and cherished. It’s a perfect item for your new coffee table!

3 Reasons not to skip on your wedding album

#3 No, you will not make one later

This is a classic excuse, “I will just do it after the wedding.” No you will not. You will go on your honeymoon, buy a new house, and maybe grow your family. It will be the last thing on your mind and you will not get around to it. Let your photographer take care to do it instead of wishing to do it yourself from a lower quality printer. We use professional printers with the best quality for your images.

3 Reasons not to skip on your wedding album

Here is to printing your memories instead of just putting them up on social media for others to see. Click here to see other mistakes brides make when planning their wedding. Cheers!

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